Steve Gilroy

sgilroy@ceotools.co.uk - 07786 331847

My first experience in business was at the age of 15 at school. I used to buy cassette tapes and 35mm film in bulk from Exchange & Mart (who remembers that?), and sell them on to my school mates. That was before the age of PCs, the internet etc. At 21 I started my first business producing technical documentation for the IT and Process Control industries. We had a small office in Olney near Bedord, and used a variety of desktop publishing systems. That eventually led me into the IT Training business, designing and running workshops across a range of technologies, both in my own business and for several global vendors.

The next 30+ years involved roles as CEO, MD, General Manager, International VP; working on a global basis and clocking up several million air miles. During that time I was lucky enough to have learned and executed a wide variety of leadership and growth tools, in many different market sectors and business cultures. My background in designing training materials and running workshops allowed me to build up a extensive library of growth techniques, tools and templates - which I have delivered to clients around the world. 

My specific experience includes strategic planning and execution, international business development, sales and marketing. I facilitate workshops for my clients in the areas of strategic planning, sales process design, marketing strategy, value proposition and business model optimisation. Over the years I've successfully completed several acquisitions, a few exits, numerous international partnerships as well as the usual growth and change projects that we all encounter over time.


I now spend my time as Non-Exec Director, Coach, Mentor, Vistage Chair and Scaling Up Coach, helping business leaders achieve their growth goals. I work alongside individuals and businesses; increasing their effectiveness and helping them to move forwards with greater clarity and purpose. I have a reputation for creating inspiring visions and delivering very practical plans that work towards the goal.  I run Vistage groups in London - for CEOs, MDs and business owners of high-growth businesses.


How can Vistage help?
Imagine having a CEO peer group at your side with one mission: to help you navigate through today’s uncertain business landscape; to help you achieve your own goals; to help you solve your biggest challenges.

Benefit from confidential peer advice
Business leaders have precious few people to turn to for seasoned advice and most importantly, the plain truth. With no agenda except to help one another succeed, Vistage members test assumptions, uncover opportunities and hold each other accountable for taking action. The groups help build that circle of trusted advisors who push each other to continuously improve.


Achieve more than you thought possible

Through a combination of subject-matter-expert workshops, 121 coaching and well-proven best practices, tools and templates, Vistage members achieve significant growth while strengthening their leadership skills.

I'm an ambassador for Vistage, and run Vistage groups in London. So if you're curious about what Vistage is, from a member or Chair perspective, get in touch and I'll happily answer your questions.


Over the years I've used many strategic growth and business management tools. and have coached business owners and executives in their execution.
I now act as a Certified Scaling Up Coach and work with businesses ranging from £1m to over £60m in revenue. The Scaling Up method is very well proven, and I have used the core tools within my own businesses as well as with my coaching clients. If you're looking to grow your business, and at the same time put in place tools and techniques to make the business and leadership team more effective and efficient, then please get in touch.

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I have also developed a range of toolkits and best practices for CEOs and Business Leaders, proven over the years and applied in businesses across the globe. Specific areas include:

  • Strategic Plan Templates

  • Value Proposition

  • 121 Best Practice

  • Coaching for Business Leaders

  • Destination for Talent

  • Problem Solving

  • Time and Focus Management



Laurie Rackind


I have been a Vistage member for 4 years with Steve as my group Chair throughout. He matches his experience and knowledge of coaching with that of running a business to provide challenge and insight in a pragmatic, solution-focused manner. Conversations are always focused but without losing sight of the need to be engaging and enjoyable. Steve’s ability to absorb, understand and embrace the different skills, backgrounds and mindsets of the group helps to make the most of both 1:1 and group sessions. It remains a pleasure to work with Steve and to benefit from his insight.

sara daw.jpeg

Sara Daw

CEO, The Liberti Group & The CFO Centre Group

I was a Vistage member for 10 years and during that time worked closely with Steve when he was CEO of Vistage and more recently I had the good fortune of Steve being my Vistage Chair. You couldn't hope for a better Chair - advisor, confidante, mentor, friend - he ticks all those boxes. I value his insight, knowledge, and the way he really cares. He's definitely the person you want on speed dial as you grow your business.

anders reeves.jpeg

Anders Reeves

Co-Founder, CovertSwarm

Steve has offered significant and impactful guidance and support to me these past years. His effective chairing of our Vistage group, alongside monthly 121 coaching and mentoring sessions, have helped me to identify and maintain a sharp focus on delivering the needs of my board, business - and our people. Steve's candid approach to providing challenge to me and giving direct feedback is both refreshing and has helped me to drive our Group's evolution and growth at pace, and with a level of personal resilience that I know he has very much helped to nurture. Steve always provides deep food for thought during our exchanges, and is someone I feel privileged to call both a mentor and friend.

andy forster.jpeg

Andy Forster

Managing Director, The Net Loft

Steve has been supporting me personally for several years. His professional coaching, knowledge and ability to ask questions is second to none. He understands what it's like running a business and helps you to look at all angles whilst giving advice and acting as 'the voice of reason'. A relationship with Steve will help you better yourself, no doubt. A great guy that I would recommend working with as part of a Vistage group or in anyway you can.


Bob Battye

Chairman, Vistage International

Steve was a remarkable CEO of Vistage International (UK) ltd for his ability to have a vision for the company and bring along 48 highly skilled Business Leaders and make it fun. He understands the importance of Autonomy (lets us get on with it), Mastery (the training and guidance is world class) and Purpose (the need for UK business leaders and owners to make better decisions faster). 

Steve understands the importance of 'High touch ,High Tech" and his enthusiasm and love of commerce and marketing makes for a winning combination.


Matthew Poyiadgi

Vice President EMEA, Pearson Vue

Steve has been an inspiring coach and mentor. He is a 'text book' marketing expert, applying principles of sales and marketing into successful delivery. Not a day passes without learning something new from him.