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Upcoming Workshops

As a Certified Scaling Up Coach, I offer coaching and training on the full range of Scaling Up tools, across a series of workshops.

The approach is always personalised to an individual situation and goals, and workshops, tools and coaching is delivered in areas of:


  • People (Right People, Right Seats)

  • Strategy

  • Execution

  • Cash

Some of the ‘standard’ workshops are listed below. Contact me for an initial discussion on any workshop.

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Strategic Planning Workshop

A two-day workshop tailored to your business situation. Using the Scaling Up One Page Strategic Plan (OPSP), I guide your leadership team through a series of structured exercises, to arrive at a completed strategic growth plan for your business. The workshop covers:

  • Core Values

  • Purpose/Vision/Mission

  • Long-term Goals, BHAG

  • Key Strategic Thrusts

  • Brand Promise

  • One-Year Goals and Key Initiatives

  • Quarterly Priorities

  • Critical Numbers

  • Execution

Contact me to discuss further.

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Flawless Execution Workshop

This workshop is designed for business owners and senior executives seeking to execute a more robust and consistent business management process. It provides a thorough and very practical introduction to several techniques and tools that delegates can use to design and implement an effective and consistent business management process.


  • Strategy, Vision, Mission and Purpose – and Execution

  • Why some business make it and others don’t

  • Plans, goals, milestones, activities, behaviours

  • Focus and priorities

  • Data, Critical Numbers and Scorecard

  • The meeting rhythm – daily, weekly, monthly quarterly, annually

  • Clarity, Ownership and Accountability

  • Traction and Consistency - the Business Operating System

  • The disciplined leader

  • Your Action Plan – Who, What, When

Contact me to discuss further.

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Value Proposition Design

This workshop introduces a well-proven and powerful technique to design a high-impact value proposition. It uses the Strategyzer book and each delegate receives their own copy of the book plus supporting tools and templates. The workshop is useful in start-up, early-stage or well-established businesses, and is also very effective in not-for-profit or charity organisations.


  • Definition of Value Proposition

  • The Structure of a Value Proposition

  • Value Proposition & Business Model

  • The Value Proposition Canvas

  • Customer Profiles

  • Key Jobs, tasks

  • Pains

  • Gains

  • The Value Map

  • The Fit

  • Valid Business Model

  • Value Proposition Messaging

  • Testing the Value Proposition

Contact me to discuss further.