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The Scaling Up
Performance Platform

With more than 30 years of proven business results, the Scaling Up performance platform grows companies and leaders around the globe as they scale into industry-dominating businesses.


Many company leaders reach a point where they actually dread adding another customer, employee, or location. It feels like they are just adding more weight to an ever-heavier anchor they are dragging up the hill. 

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To make matters worse, the increased revenues haven’t turned into more profitability, so at some point, they wonder if the journey of scaling up is worth the effort. Sometimes just achieving ‘business as usual’ pushes executive teams to their limit.


The Scaling Up performance platform shows business owners/CEOs/MDs of growing businesses how to achieve significant goals while at the same time reducing the stress - no matter how big and complicated a business becomes. I have my own personal experiences that validate this. I stopped ‘re-inventing the wheel’. The more I used the Scaling Up tools, the more I got consistent growth. I achieved better alignment and more accountability within my businesses – and I started to enjoy life more.


Scaling Up gives you proven tools and techniques that help you get clarity on your strategic goals while getting everyone aligned to execute your plan.

Having used the Scaling Up tools in my own businesses over the last 20+ years, I now coach and support business leaders on how to achieve their own growth goals using the Scaling Up platform. I also work alongside a global community of experienced Scaling Up coaches, partner organisations and subject-matter experts – all aligned to supply proven expertise, reliable tools and the latest insights.

It's your journey – do it your way.

Unlike other business growth systems, the Scaling Up performance platform recognises that your situation and goals/priorities are unique to you, so we personalise the journey to suit your needs. When you engage a Scaling Up coach, you can expect a growth journey based on a selection of the following key sessions:

  • Initial informal information exchange - so I can learn about you and your situation, and you can learn more about me and how the programme works.

  • Scaling Up Overview – where you and your team will learn what’s involved and plan your Scaling Up journey.

  • Strategic Planning Workshop – where we’ll take you through the best strategic planning process. You’ll build your growth plan and get the leadership team aligned on the goals and the process to execute the plan.

  • Scaling Up Tools Workshops – where we’ll teach you how to leverage the Scaling Up toolkit within your business, to solve problems, achieve alignment, focus and accountability, and optimise the business to achieve better results with less effort.

  • Quarterly Business Reviews – where we’ll facilitate a thorough review process to challenge your progress and agree focus for the quarter ahead.

  • Annual Business Review – where we’ll deep-dive into your results, re-assess your situation and trends, and adjust your plan for the year ahead.

121 Coaching

Your Scaling Up journey includes monthly confidential 121 coaching sessions for the business owner/CEO/sponsor, where we’ll discuss your progress and identify actions needed to achieve further progress and success. Additional 121 sessions are available for your leadership team, to ensure that the Scaling Up tools are implemented thoroughly – so that everyone ‘gets it’ and ‘does it’.

Scaling Up Events

In addition to your own personal journey, you’ll have access to our community events, both in the UK, across the globe and on-line. Your Scaling Up coach will facilitate community sessions so you can meet and learn from your peers. You can learn from keynote presentations and breakout sessions from subject-matter experts in the Scaling Up community.


Our event schedule is updated regularly, and typical events include:


  • 20,000 Scale-Ups

  • Scaling Up Summit (Europe and USA)

  • Planning your Exit

  • Top Grading – How to hire ‘A’ players