• Steve Gilroy

What’s Your Playbook for Success?

Updated: Jan 1, 2021

This is a half-day workshop that looks at how ‘playbooks’ can be used across a business to achieve higher success and more consistent results. The workshop delivers a method for creating a playbook, and gives best practice techniques for implementing a playbook within an organisation. It is appropriate for all types of organisation (including charity and not-for-profit); it is not just for ‘sales’.

There is an individual delegate workbook, plus group work for each section topic below. Each delegate will walk away with a practical method to implement playbooks in their organisation.


  • In the beginning… (the history of playbooks)

  • Where to use a playbook (ie. it’s not just about sales)

  • The structure of a high-performing playbook

  • Book, magazine, info- graphic, comic? – page design and why it matters

  • How to get/build great content

  • How to implement a playbook

  • Integrating playbooks within your organisation

  • A roadmap for playbook success

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