• Steve Gilroy

Value Proposition Design

This workshop introduces a well-proven and powerful technique to design a high-impact value proposition. It uses the Strategyzer book and each delegate receives their own copy of the book plus supporting tools and templates.

The workshop is useful in start-up, early-stage or well-established businesses, and is also very effective in not-for-profit or charity organisations.

The workshop is always tailored to your individual organisation/circumstance, and can be delivered in two ways:

  • A one-day workshop that will give you and your team a thorough introduction to designing and implementing clear and high-impact value propositions.


  • Definition of Value Proposition

  • The Structure of a Value Proposition

  • Value Proposition & Business Model

  • The Value Proposition Canvas

  • Customer Profiles

  • Key Jobs, tasks

  • Pains

  • Gains

  • The Value Map

  • The Fit

  • Valid Business Model

  • Value Proposition Messaging

  • Testing the Value Proposition

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