• Steve Gilroy

Is your organisation a destination for talent?

Updated: Jan 1, 2021

This half-day workshop is designed for SME business owners, HR managers and department managers involved in hiring new staff. It guides the delegate through a practical method for attracting, recruiting and on-boarding great new talent. UK research and best practices are presented, together with group and individual exercises. Delegates will leave the workshop with an assessment of their current talent strategy and a set of guidelines and techniques to improve their ability to attract, recruit and on-board new staff.

The workshop covers the following topic areas:

  • What does great talent look like?

  • Why should people work for you?

  • What do people look for in an employer?

  • Why is recruitment hard?

  • What does a great recruitment process involve?

  • Defining the job role and candidate profile

  • The interview process

  • The role of on-boarding

  • Designing an effective on-boarding process for your organisation

Vistage economist, Roger Martin-Fagg, says, “When it comes to talent management

this is about finding and retaining the right people to take your business to the next

level. With employment levels at an all time high I suspect business owners will have to

offer new talent packages above current market levels to get new talent through the

door, along with finding more innovative ways of targeting people that aren’t looking to

move jobs. This is why UK SME leaders are citing this as a top concern, after all your

business really is about the people that run it with you.”

This workshop will give you a roadmap to attract, recruit and retain the very best talent for your organisation.

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