• Steve Gilroy

A business leader's guide to flawless execution

Updated: Jan 1, 2021

This workshop is designed for business owners and senior executives seeking to execute a more robust and consistent management process.

It provides a thorough and very practical introduction to several key concepts involved in effective business management. It also explores several different techniques and tools that delegates can use to design and implement an effective and consistent business management process.

The workshop / content can be tailored to your individual organisation/circumstance, and can be delivered in two ways:

  • A ½ day workshop that will give you and your team a practical overview and templates for a business execution process.

  • Confidential individual assessment and coaching to implement a personal execution plan (typically five 2-hour sessions).


  • Strategy, Vision, Mission and Purpose – and Execution

  • Why some business make it and others don’t

  • Plans, goals, milestones, activities, behaviours

  • Focus and priorities

  • Data, what are you seeing, hearing?

  • The meeting rhythm – daily, weekly, monthly quarterly, annually

  • Clarity

  • Ownership and Accountability

  • Traction and Consistency - the Business Operating System

  • The disciplined leader

  • Tools to achieve flawless execution

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