• Steve Gilroy

A Guide to Strategy, Planning and Execution

Updated: Jan 1, 2021

This workshop is designed for senior executives and those new to the role of CEO/MD.

It provides a thorough and very practical introduction to several key concepts involved in strategic planning. It also explores several different business planning techniques and delegates will leave the workshop with a roadmap on how to create and execute a practical strategic/business plan.

The workshop is always tailored to your individual organisation/circumstance, and can be delivered in two ways:

  • A ½ day workshop that will give you and your team an overview of the strategic planning process

  • As a custom series of workshops that develop your actual strategic plan, ready for implementation. This usually takes four separate ½ day workshops delivered one each week, but can also be delivered as an intensive 2-day session.


  • Strategic Planning – an overview

  • Vision, Mission and Purpose

  • Values and Culture

  • Brand Promise / Value Proposition

  • Landscape / Field of Play / Sandbox

  • SWOT


  • Key Thrusts / Areas of Focus

  • Goals & BHAG

  • Essential elements of a Strategic Plan

  • The Strategy Wheel

  • The Execution Roadmap

  • The 1-3-5 Business Plan

  • The Organisation Chart

  • Cascading and Communicating the Plan

  • Executing the Plan

  • Measuring and Managing Performance

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