• Steve Gilroy

Designing an Effective On-boarding Programme

Updated: Jan 1, 2021

This workshop is designed for business owners, HR managers and department managers involved in hiring new staff.

It provides a thorough and very practical introduction to the process of on-boarding new staff. Building on research and examples of best practice, this workshop is designed to allow an organisation to identify and design an on-boarding programme specific to them.

The workshop is always tailored to your individual organisation/circumstance, and is delivered as follows:

  • An intensive 1-day workshop that will gradually create a framework for your on-boarding programme. The output is a specific on-boarding programme that is unique to your organisation.


  • The case for on-boarding

  • On-boarding – a detailed definition

  • What the new starter wants/needs

  • What the organisation wants/needs

  • The four stages of on-boarding

  • The on-boarding ‘kit’

  • Your organisation’s on-boarding programme

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